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Our Process


Our Process

The custom website design process is different for each firm. The overall project timeline from start to finish and design opportunities are specific to the individual client. However, to provide some broad insight into how we manage the process, we have outlined a general guide below:

Planning Session
FlashPoint’s design team will conduct a 30-minute planning session with you to gain an understanding of the look and feel you are seeking for the website. Prior to the meeting we ask that you identify no more than five websites that you like and be ready to discuss what specific attributes of each are attractive to you. This will help us in the initial design phase.

Initial Design
We will design up to three initial custom concepts based on the information provided during the planning meeting. These designs are presented in PDF format and will serve as the design blueprint. Before any site building occurs, we come to agreement on the layout, color scheme, and overall look and feel of the website. During this phase we will also discuss the navigation structure, which will drive the informational layout of the site.

Website Development
FlashPoint will take the design blueprint and build the website. The process takes about two to three weeks from design blueprint approval until the website is ready for review. This includes coding the website, creating the navigation system, and developing the contact forms and other such items.

Content Development & Refinement
During the time the website is being developed, FlashPoint will work with the client to refine, edit, and make suggestions on content for the website (if this service is selected).

Fine Tuning
Once the content is approved and the build is complete, we will assemble the site for review. During this time we can review image selections, marketing copy, website forms, and contact information.  We can also make minor changes to the site specifically in the areas listed previously, but changes to the overall design and color scheme cannot be made without additional charges. This process can take anywhere from one day to three weeks depending on the number of changes and edits identified.

Website Launch
Once all changes are made, FlashPoint will upload the site to your existing server and launch the site. This process generally takes two to three days depending on a number of variables.

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